Andis Professional Easy Clip Heavy Duty Clippers


This professional-quality clipper set includes:

  • 2 blade heads
  • Quick-release button for easy switch-outs
  •  4 safeguard combs
  • Instruction DVD included
  • Stainless-steel shears in their own zippered storage case
  • Heavy-duty plastic storage case
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty


  • Motor Type: Permanent Magnet Rotary
  • Strokes Per Minute: 3600
  • Clipper Weight: 2 lbs
  • Clipper Length: 5 3/4″


  • Easy blade change – great if you have several pets with different coat types
  • Clipping goes much faster
  • Quiet, so pet is less stressed
  • Works on many coat types


  • A slightly higher than average cost
  • May get hot if used on very thick or dirty coats


Andis is considered one of the leading manufacturers of electric clippers in the world and have been making clippers since the early 1920’s. Their products are designed to last and to help you get the job done. They also have great customer service and tend to stand by their products.

Andis Professional Easy Clip Heavy Duty Clippers would be a great choice for light professional work or for the home groomer who wants a quality clipper. Most customers have given this clipper set a very high rating, sighting that it’s quiet, easy to use, and well worth the price ( ). While most reviewers said the clippers ran cool, a few people did say theirs got extremely hot during use; maybe theirs were made on a Monday! One way to ensure you get the best out of any clipper and keep them working longer is to be sure that your pet’s hair is clean. Dirt and oil can cause friction which causes the blades to dull faster and the motor to have to work harder.

By the way, with their extra-quiet motor and light weight, these clippers also work great for horses! The blades are too small to do a full body clip, but they are perfect for muzzle and ear trims, and horse show touch ups!

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